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infrarot thermometer kontaktlos unterstützung : how to use

non-contact infrared baby thermometer help hero

How to use our non-contact infrared baby thermometer


inserting batteries

You will need:

  • 2 x AAA Batteries

Locate the battery compartment at the foot of the handle. Slide the cover in the direction of the arrow to release. Insert 2 x AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) into the battery compartment observing the correct polarity ( + / - ) as illustrated or indicated on the inside of the battery compartment cover. Close the cover by pushing down on the cover and sliding back in the opposite direction of the printed arrow, you will hear a click once the cover is secure.


before use

If the ambient temperature of the thermometer changes, such as moving it from somewhere hot to cold, allow the thermometer to remain in the room for 30 minutes before using.

The ambient temperature around the test person should be stable, measure away from fans, air-conditioning, strong sun and so on.

If the test person has moved from hot room to a cold room or vice versa please allow 5 minutes before measuring.

Please wait at least 1 second before each reading. If 5 continuous measurements are reached, please wait at least 30 seconds before taking another reading.

Be sure to understand all warnings listed in the instructions before use.


general use

Simply point the thermometer 1-5cm away from the middle of the test person's forehead, or behind their ear and pull the readings trigger.

The reading will then be displayed on the unit LCD.

NOTE: The LCD will be backlit in red, yellow or green based on the recored temperature. Red = 38.1°C and above, high fever. Please take action to cool down or go to a doctor. Yellow = 37.4°C - 38°C, slight fever. Keep an eye on body temperature.


use on surfaces

To activate surface mode, please press the 'MODE' button to cycle between 'surface' and 'body' mode.

Similarly to use with a person, simply point the thermometer 1-5cm away from the test surface and pull the readings trigger.

The reading will then be displayed on the unit LCD.


switch between °C/°F

Long press the 'SET' button, the LCD will flash 'F1' then display 'Unit', press the 'MODE' button to toggle between °C/°F, press 'SET' button to confirm selection.


turn sound on/off

Short press the 'SET' button to toggle sound ON/OFF.


memory function

You can recall the last 50 readings taken. Simply press the 'MEMO' button to view the history of measured values.

After 50 readings are reached, the unit automatically overwrites historical data.

NOTE: To delete memory, simply hold down the 'MEMO' button until the LCD display shows 'CLr'. All stored data will now be cleared completely.


custom parameter settings

You can custom set parameters and colours to match different environments or to meet the different characteristics of individuals, however we do not recommend this. Please refer to the instruction manual should you wish to do so.

NOTE: We STRONGLY recommend you DO NOT do this without firstly informing every person who is likely to use the thermometer going forward.


factory reset

Long press the 'MODE' button until the LCD displays 'rST'. Your unit should now be restored to factory default settings.