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infrarot thermometer kontaktlos unterstützung : battery

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Battery Advice for our non-contact infrared baby thermometer

general advice

We highly recommend using Lithium Ion batteries but if this is not possible we would recommend high quality Alkaline batteries for use in our products. Do not mix brands of batteries and always use brand new batteries when replacing them inside the product.

inserting batteries

You will need:

  • 2 x AAA Batteries

Locate the battery compartment at the foot of the handle. Slide the cover in the direction of the arrow to release. Insert 2 x AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) into the battery compartment observing the correct polarity ( + / - ) as illustrated or indicated on the inside of the battery compartment cover. Close the cover by pushing down on the cover and sliding back in the oposite direction of the printed arrow, you will hear a click once the cover is secure.