erfunden von einer Mutter von 6

our story

Hello, I’m Lynda, mum to six lovable and lively children and inventor of our SweetDreamers product range. When my sixth child, Bradley was born, he cried constantly and it was a nightly struggle to settle him to sleep… a struggle that went on until he was two and a half years old! I tried everything to soothe him off to sleep, yet oddly enough I discovered that one of the most reliable ways was to dim the lights, switch on the vacuum cleaner and rock him while he was in his cot … he would be asleep within minutes! Now that’s all well and good, but who wants to start vacuuming at 2am? So I scoured shops and the internet for any products that would replicate these conditions and quickly realised that there was nothing suitable out there. I was determined to invent a range of products that would not only help soothe restless babies and toddlers, but also promote the formation of a healthy sleep pattern, so everyone could benefit from a good night’s rest.

For the next few years I researched the problem as deeply as possible, canvassing valuable input from sleep experts, university departments and medical professionals. I also consulted with the baby care industry and product design teams and, of course, surveyed many parents with young babies. At last, after a 7-year gestation .. our SweetDreamers  product range was born.

Our finished products have been meticulously designed and researched with the help of experts and after all this time, they really are a dream come true! I hope that our SweetDreamers sleep products will make a ‘Dream Come True’ for you too, if you have your own little ‘Bradley” to contend with. Please browse our website- you may be only a click away from transforming sleep time into a happy, safe and rewarding experience for all.

Sweet dreams,

Lynda x