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what do you need for baby number 2?

Congratulations, you are expecting a new addition to the family. Going from one to two little ones may seem a little daunting emotionally and financially but the good news is you are now able to use your experience and knowledge from baby number 1 to make more informed decisions on items that you know work for you and your family.

It is also time to think about what you can re-cycle and what you need to buy new. Baby number 1 is a little bigger now (at least by 9 months ☺) and starting to grow out of those initial baby essentials. This is great news because you can re-use a lot of baby number 1’s essentials.
You may find it useful to make a list, if you split the list into four headers, you can cover areas. We have filled in a few boxes to get you started but use this to be a little more specific to your baby items.

home travel feeding sleeping
toys pram sterilizer moses basket
playmat change bag bib blankets
highchair clothes muslins cot

You will need to think about the condition of your current items to ensure they are suitable for use with a newborn. Some may just need a good clean or a wash therefore you will need to adjust your list accordingly.

On the other hand, there are certain items that would be best to buy new where possible. We have made a list below for you,

Car seat – There is no reason to buy a new car seat unless you have had a bump in your car with your current car seat. You should always buy a new one if you think the car seat is broken or in this instance as the car seat may be cracked under the cover material.

Mattress – Where possible it is best to buy a new and firm mattress for your new baby.

Bottles – If you are planning on bottle feeding, it would be best to buy new bottles and teats as milk bacteria and residue can build up on bottles which wouldn’t be good for a newborn.

For mum

Another great recycled item would be maternity clothes. Mums often put away their maternity clothes when they do not need them and these can be dug out and re-used. Up-cycling is a great way of refreshing your maternity clothes. Changing buttons, zips or sewing new embellishments can make old clothes seem new.

We hope that these tips can help you get organized and more importantly save some pennies ready for your little one’s arrival.

Baa for now, Lucy x