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the power of social media

Social media can get a bad rep sometimes, daily news items show teenagers mindlessly scrolling and trolls trolling with negative posts and comments not showing social media in its best light. And whilst we understand more needs to be done to protect people from the negatives, from a business point of view, we have found it to be a fantastic platform to interact and speak with our customers. We felt we wanted to share with you our recent success showing that social media can be great.

Each year the BBC fundraise for their Children in Need Appeal helping to keep disadvantaged children and young people across the UK safe, happy and secure which helps them reach their potential. This resonates throughout our business, with most of our employees being mums, dads, aunties and uncles to little ones. We decided to use social media to give a little back with the following post: 


We were instantly inundated with likes and comments from our followers encouraging others to like our post. The post went viral and within 4 hours generated well over 1,000 likes. Our £1,000 was deposited shortly after to the appeal and just like that, lives would be changed for the better all over the UK. We were overwhelmed by the response and wanted to thank all our followers for being a part of it.

Our corner of the internet maybe small however we have learnt that when we all come together we can do great things for those in need.