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spring into action!

With the thought of warmer days on the horizon and the promise of sunshine, sandy beaches and sun cream, what isn’t there to love about Spring time? The flowers are growing, the ground is thawing, the sheep are lambing and we’re ready for some sunny weather. All may seem rosy until you remember the approaching dreaded clock change and the disruption it can cause to your little ones and indeed your sleep!

SweetDreamers British summer time clocks going forward spring march weekend

Thankfully we can help you turn the clock change from a ‘Nightmare’ into ‘Sweet Dreams’, by following our simple steps leading up to the big day!

As the famous saying goes we ‘Spring forward, Fall back’, therefore, on Sunday 25th March, the clocks will move forward one hour at 1am. Losing this hour may sound trivial, however, what it does mean is that we start to have lighter evenings, so it’s crucial to be consistent in your already perfected bedtime routine. Your routine will indicate to your little one that bedtime is on the horizon whatever the light is doing outside. One way around the lighter sky is to invest in a blackout blind/curtain; by blocking out as much of the light in their room, you are sending bedtime signals to your little bundle of joy.

For those parents who have children with strong inner body clocks that may not be so easily fooled by a blackout blind, and let’s face it we all seem to have at least one of these little treasures in our brood, moving bedtime forward by 15 minute increments each night, around four days before the clock change, can be a great way of adjusting your child without too much disruption. Just be mindful that any daytime routines should be adjusted in line with the new sleep time, so getting up 15 minutes earlier to compensate for the earlier bedtime; and having breakfast, lunch and tea slightly earlier, will all help to ease the gradual change, making it less of a shock to the body clock!

SweetDreamers British summer time clocks going forward 15 minutes a night baby sleep training

Another great way to help little ones settle off to sleep is to simply tire them out in the daytime! Lots of active sensory play for babies and energetic games for toddlers will help them drift off easier, whatever the bedtime. Getting out and about in the sunlight also reinforces awake time, so a walk in a pushchair or a trip to the park will do wonders come bedtime.

Children are great adapters, so it should only take around three days or so after the clocks change for everything to return to normal. If you try using some of our tips, both you and your little ones should be dreaming sweetly by bedtime, awaking refreshed and full of beans, ready to enjoy our great British Summer Time!

Baaaaa for now Lucy x