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Paddling pool safety

British summer time is here and its finally time to get in the garden and keep the kids cool and entertained by splashing about in their paddling pools. To ensure we all have the best summer, we have provided some tips to ensure your little ones are kept safe and sound in the water.

 -Always watch children near water and never leave them unattended. It doesn’t matter if you have a small paddling pool as babies can drown in just 2cms of water.

-If there are a few family members around, agree who is the designated water watcher to ensure children are always watched by at least one person.

-Stay near and always be within reach of your child. If you must answer the front door and your child is in the pool, take them with you.

-Keep distractions to a minimum to ensure you are always alert, phones away!

-If children are older, teach them to ask permission before getting in a pool.

-Turn paddling pools over and empty once used. This also prevents build up from rain.