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Specifically designed for little ones who struggle to settle at night, this uber cute cuddly toy mimics the comfort of the womb with soft pink glow and selection of soothing sounds to lull newborns and toddlers into a peaceful sleep.

ewan the dream sheep deluxe
amazon best seller

amazon best seller

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invented by mum of 6 in hampshire UK

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Get it!

The best invention ever! My 2 year old had her original Ewan from birth and when I found out I was pregnant with #2 it was the first thing on my wish list. Ewan Deluxe #1 parted ways with my newborn as my little girl had worn her harp sound out on her original, and now Ewan Deluxe #2 has arrived for my now 5 month old I may get a full night sleep with the sensor! I’ve brought 3 as gifts as I truly swear by them! Happy relaxed kids taking minutes to fall asleep AND stay asleep! Love love love

Very good

Very handy for my twins to help sleep (& me). Only downside is would be good if there was a small switch to leave on


The best thing on the market at the moment.. I couldn’t be without mine.. it’s a god send.. anyone with a baby who struggles to sleep this is the thing to purchase.

Buy one now!

Ewan has been a welcome addition to the family! A little skeptical at first, we held off making the purchase until several friends raved about him, urging us to buy one... they weren’t wrong. We have found that Ewan is great at night, but especially good at prolonging nap times during the day for our little one! Ewan is also fantastic at settling our little one when he startles in his sleep. We wish we’d had one from birth!

We love Ewan!

When I had my first child my friend recommended Ewan and we loved him. The harp music has always been a favourite and it seemed to really soothe my son at night. He slept with Ewan until he’s was about 3 and a half. When I had my second child our first Ewan was no longer working so we decided to upgrade to the deluxe model. Mostly because we could wash him! We love him still but it is a bit of a pain having to open up his velcro tummy to change the sounds but this is the price you pay to have him washable. I like the smart cry sensors but you need to turn it on every night and off every morning otherwise Ewan is singing all day long wearing out his batteries! I have always used the light when my babies have been newborns but turned it off after a few weeks as it drains the battery quicker. One thing I would like in the next model (deluxe plus?!) is a remote control 😂 but I’m not having any more babies!