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ewan deluxe unterstützung : how to use

ewan Deluxe Help Hero

How to use ewan deluxe


inserting batteries

You will need:

  • A Cross-head Screwdriver
  • 3 x AA Batteries (LR06 1.2-1.5V max)

Firstly, remove the control pod from the Velcro pocket in ewan’s tummy. Insert 3 x AA 1.5V batteries (NOT INCLUDED) into the battery compartment located on the back of the control pod. Unscrew the lid screw with a cross-head screwdriver, insert the batteries observing the correct polarity ( + / - ) as illustrated or indicated on the inside of the battery compartment, then replace the lid and screw to secure in place. Do not over-tighten screw. Reinsert the control pod securely into ewan's Velcro tummy pocket, ensuring you seal the Velcro.

TOP TIP: We highly recommend using re-chargeable batteries with ewan Deluxe. Asides from being more economical, they are more eco-friendly.


secure the pod

Grab your pod and open ewan's tummy, locate the two velcro straps. Secure the straps around the pod and insert the pod into ewan's tummy. Fasten ewan's tummy.


turn ON/OFF

ewan Deluxe has single button activation. Press this to switch ewan ON. The large button can be pressed through ewan’s tummy making it easy for your child to self soothe. This same button is pushed to turn OFF the sounds at any time without the need to remove the pod from ewan’s tummy.

NOTE: If your pod re-activates you may have your cry sensor active. Please see point 4 for help to deactivate the cry sensor.


using the smartCRY sensor

Firstly, you'll be pleased to know any one of ewan’s sounds can be selected to play in both normal and smartCRY mode. Press and hold the main button on the pod for 3 seconds, you should hear 1 single beep - this signifies that the sensor is switched ON and ewan is listening. The smartCRY Sensor will listen out for your baby for 4 hours. If your baby stirs then ewan will activate your chosen sound. Once your baby has settled he will listen again for another 4 hours and so on. If your baby does not stir within 4 hours, the smartCRY Sensor will deactivate. To de-activate the smartCRY Sensor, press and hold the button again for 3 seconds, this time you should hear 3 simultaneous beeps - this signifies that the sensor is switched off and ewan is NOT listening.


adjusting volume & light

Press and hold the main button on the pod to activate. Turn the Light ON/OFF by pressing the left button. Make the Volume QUIET/LOUD by pressing the right button.


change the sounds

While activated/sound is playing double tap the main button to cycle through: harp melody, shush, rainfall, womb and vacuum cleaner sounds.


where to put ewan

You can suspend ewan securely from your cot, pushchair or car seat using his Velcro tail. DO NOT place directly over baby's head. Alternatively place ewan next to your baby's cot or moses basket.